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We preserve all the natural qualities in our nuts to bring you the fresh taste
I was born under a hazelnut tree


Welcome to la Morella nuts. Originally a family business founded by hazelnut growers and located amidst the best hazelnut orchards in the Reus area of Spain, we have cultivated the passion to create the finest nut products that food companies can find.
We get up early each morning to source nuts from the best orchards in Spain and all over the world.
And we stay up late to treat these fantastic products with the best care to get the true, natural flavors out of premium nuts and deliver them exquisitely fresh to you.
Explore what la Morella nut pastes, pralines and crocants can do for your ice cream, confectionery, biscuits and desserts.

La morella

Few words capture the Catalan spirit better than this noble name. It refers to the
highest hill in the Garraf massif that watches over the Catalan coast. La Morella is also the
name of the wind that blows from the South - from Reus and La Morella mountain - straight to

And most of all, it's the name of one of the world's finest varieties of hazelnut tree.
doing things differently

doing things differently

It took the la Morella nuts team extensive research to reinvent all the processes, from sourcing the nuts to roasting, caramelizing, grinding and conching. That's how la Morella nuts today are able to offer an amazing range of premium nut products.

Achieving excellence starts with sourcing the best nuts in nature

La Morella nuts selects the best nut crops the world has to offer, such as the native
Marcona almonds and La Morella hazelnuts. But the range has now expanded to include
premium hazelnuts and almonds from Italy and California, as well as pistachios, pecans,
pine nuts and many others from cooperatives all over the world. Freshness, excellent
taste, expressive color and size are the first criteria for selection. When a nut has all that,
it has earned the label "la Morella nuts".
Achieving excellence starts with sourcing the best nuts in nature

Roasting the nuts is a science but also a fine art

It takes expertise and perfectly tuned senses for the master roasters to achieve the perfect balance of taste, color and bite. Roasting awakens the best flavors and determines the color
of the nuts. La Morella nuts devote unique attention to the roasting process for each nut
variety and each harvest. It demands a unique combination of roasting time and temperature
to achieve excellence. Mastering that science is the expertise of the master roasters. And the master roasters at la Morella nuts have that expertise like no one else.
Pioneers in understanding the sweet secrets of caramelization

Pioneers in understanding the sweet secrets of caramelization

When tasting the caramelized nut products of la Morella nuts, one thing strikes immediately: the pleasantly mild sweetness of every praline, crocant and nut cream. It's because la Morella nuts lets the natural and fresh nut flavors come out, in perfect harmony with toasted and sweet caramel flavors. It took years of experimenting to fine-tune the different degrees of caramelization. Today, la Morella nuts offer an array of light to heavy caramelizations that each deliver amazing flavors and textures, yet always with that “natural sweetness" that is so sought after by many consumers.
Emerging taste in a wonderful world of textures

Emerging taste in a wonderful world of textures

Never before have consumers been so keen on multi-dimensional taste experiences as today. The incredible variety of textures in la Morella nuts' product range has been developed to add crisp, crunch, or velvety creaminess to your food concepts - from ice cream to confectionery and biscuits. It's the result of applying and combining different degrees of roasting, caramelization, cutting and refining. They will help to enrich the taste sensation of your food products, while adding a unique character of natural authenticity.

Excellence is a continuous journey that never ends

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