Add color and
crisp to your
food creations

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Tickle the taste buds of your customers with a brand new taste sensation. The sensation of mildly roasted nuts, coated with a fine and crispy layer of sugar and enriched with a surprising flavor or color. That’s what you can expect from la Morella’s latest range of sablages.

Pink and green almond sablage

add color and crisp to your creations

That first fresh moment
  • Delicious crunch
  • Vibrant finishing touch
  • Natural colors without additives
These chopped roasted nuts with a sugar caramel coating are available in green, pink and other colors on demand. Add a lovely crunch to your chocolates, top your muffins with a colorful crisp or give your cereal bars that lively extra bite.
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Vanilla and cinnamon almond sablage

A crunchy touch with a homely vanilla and cinnamon twist

That first fresh moment
  • Crispy bite
  • Pleasant, sweet vanilla and cinnamon taste
  • Natural flavors without additives
Coated with a cinnamon and vinalla flavored sugar caramel, these chopped roasted nuts will elevate your applications with a premium taste! Use it as a precious gem to top off your pralines, or as a warm heart for your cakes and biscuits. The possibilities are endless.
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butter & salt almond or pecan sablage

The cracking combination of sweet and salt

That first fresh moment
  • Exciting combination of sweet and salt
  • New, trendy approach of sugared products
  • Great crunch
Searching for a different, surprisingly addictive approach to sugared products? These 2 sablages add a fantastic crunch and salty caramelized notes to your food applications. Use them as a decortion on your biscuits, or as heavenly inclusions in ice cream. Whatever you choose, they will leave a lasting impression in the mouth.
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